No Wheat - No Gluten - GMO Free


In Essence

Narava dog and cat food is inspired by nature and therefore sourced exclusively from nature. Our production facilities are located in fertile countryside, from where we source high quality ingredients for Narava dog and cat food. Local farmers are our most important suppliers.


Our recipes are full of the finest meat, fresh fat and vegetables. At the end of the production process, we fill the kibbles with plenty of fresh fat and a super tasty gravy, which makes our Narava food extra delicious for cats and dogs.

Our neighbors are our suppliers.
Their farms - our grocery stores.

To make sure your pet gets the best possible nutrition, we first make sure we know where Narava ingredients are grown. It’s our farmers and their farms we’re talking about.


The farmers aren’t just friendly faces we do daily business with, but also our well-known neighbors whom we truly know and respect. That is one of the reasons why Narava is always fresh, juicy, and as close to nature as possible.


By knowing our farms, we make sure you know that inside your Narava bag you’ll find nothing but the very best – because, after all, trust is the most important ingredient.


Nature is perfect.
Narava is close to it.

Whether it is turkey and duck, beef and sweet potato, rabbit and carrot – any Narava recipe will contain nothing but the best. It’s that simple. Nature is perfect; Narava is very close to it.

We believe that being close to nature and being honest with our pets means to increase the percentage of meat, fresh animal fat and liver in their food. It also means never to use wheat, corn or additives. Naturally.